Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Local Poet and Sage of Highgate

In an evening with the Friends of Highgate Library, we re-enacted Coleridge’s life of radicalism, love and poetic rivalry in a pop-up play by Beth Shaw and Martin Bould.

Beth and Martin’s Domestic Theatre Handbook: Instant plays, anywhere, anytime comprises a guide on how to do it yourself (50 pages) and another 300 pages of scripts, including mummers plays, literary-inspired plays and historical plays, arranged A to Z from Alice through the one-way mirror (which riffs on psychotherapy themes) to Zenda, the prisoner of sibling rivalry (a 2011 spoof on the Anthony Hope novel crossed with political themes of the day).
ISBN: 978-1907352041

You can buy it for £18 plus P+P from Just Press, the publisher.

If you are local to Highgate, you can obtain the book from the Owl Bookshop.

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